General Council


L-R: Ross, Sarah, Dan, Gemma, Caitlin, Emma and Freddie

Caitlin Wakefield - Trustee and LGBTQI+ Representative Caitlin is a student of theology studying for a Masters degree in Glasgow. She is interested in bodily, queer, and feminist theology, and cares deeply about social justice and Christian responses to injustice. She likes Kate Bush, grave-yards, hagiography, morbidity, and Mads Mikkelsen.
Emma Temple - Trustee and Campaigns Portfolio Emma is a student outreach worker for the Chaplaincy at Leeds University, where she studied Philosophy. She is an Anglican, and is looking into ordination in the Church of England. Emma loves campaigning and activism, as well as theology and churchy things. When she's not in church she likes playing and listening to folk music, reading, and doing arty crafty things.
Freddie Alexander - Trustee Freddie studied at the University of Edinburgh, where he was President of the local SCM group. As a student he also volunteered on SCM's events team, helping to co-host SCM's summer gathering in 2015.
Gemma King - Trustee and Media & Publications Portfolio Gemma studies theology at the University of Edinburgh where she is involved in the local SCM group. She enjoys playing clarinet and singing in church, and is interested in ecumenism.
Ross Jesmont - Trustee and Convenor Ross is the Convenor of General Council, and also acts as the chair of the trustees. He is a self-confessed theology geek and coffee addict, who is passionate about the interaction between faith and social action. Ross is working towards a PhD in Systematic Theology at Durham University.
Sarah Derbyshire - Trustee and Events Portfolio Sarah is studying Philosophy, Ethics and Religion at the University of Leeds, and is President of the local SCM group there. She volunteered as a youth leader at Savio House, a Salesian Retreat Centre, and likes to make people smile.
Simone Ramacci - Science and Religion Portfolio Simone graduated from Essex University with a degree in Genetics, and is currently studying for an MSc in molecular plant biology. He writes about theology in his church magazine, and has also written for Movement and the SCM blog. Simone's secret dream is to be ordained as a part-time minister and study theology at a postgraduate level.