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SCM is proud to have co-hosted the first community pride service, organised by the New Inclusive Church Birmingham. Jen, our Fundraising and Communications Officer, went along and celebrated God's radical inclusion.


This week, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), the global body of which SCM Britain is a member, released a statement regarding the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip and denouncing the recent deadly actions of the Israeli Government. The statement reads:


Easter Story “Not Set in Stone”, Say Christian Students

Student group poll on the Easter story shows mixed interpretations of the Resurrection as Easter Day coincides with April Fools’.



Students from across the country gathered at Wellington Church in Glasgow across the weekend of 9th – 11th March to explore themes of forgiveness, peace and reconciliation.

Twenty-five students made the journey to Glasgow, including hard-core students from SCM Southampton and SCM Winchester, to take part in the weekend, which was organised and hosted by SCM Glasgow.


You might have thought that the 2018 awards season was done and dusted when the last Oscar statuette was handed out in the very early hours of Monday morning. But no! We still have the SCM Awards to hand out this coming Saturday at the Gifts of Grace gathering at Wellington Church in Glasgow. We’re looking forward to recognising our amazing members, groups and affiliates!


The Student Christian Movement (SCM) welcomes the review into post-18 funding announced by Teresa May yesterday (Monday 19th February). However, members have expressed concern that the review does not go far enough and have called for a radical overhaul of the tuition fees and loans systems. The current system is in need of an urgent overhaul to ensure that all students have fair access to Higher Education


We’re really excited to open nominations once again this year for the SCM Awards – our annual ceremony recognising the amazing work of students, groups, churches and chaplains over the past year.


SCM is pleased to announce that Jenna Nicholas has taken up the post of SCM's Fundraising and Communications Officer. "We're really excited that Jenna is joining the staff team in this role," said Simon Densham, SCM's National Coordinator. "As the movement continues to grow and reach more students, her expertise will be invaluable in developing SCM's fundraising strategy to ensure that SCM's financial future is secure."


Last weekend, students from around the North West gathered in Lancaster for SCM’s ‘A Light for All’ gathering. Coordinated by Rach Collins, SCM's North West Regional Development Worker, alongside members of SCM Leeds, the day event looked at various aspects of the Bible and was also the first gathering of the SCM group in Lancaster.


SCM is delighted to welcome our newest staff member, Rob Chivers, to the team, to develop our work with churches and young people.