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SCM is changing the format and line-up of the forthcoming summer gathering ‘Movement 2016: Stories of Faith’, which will now by a day event in Birmingham on 11 June.


SCM mourns the passing of Fr Daniel Berrigan, a Jesuit priest and peace activist who influenced many in the movement and spoke at SCM’s 1973 conference ‘Seeds of Liberation’.


A new campaign by Religions for Peace Interfaith Youth Network is encouraging religious groups and communities to focus on making their places of worship cleaner and more environmentally friendly.


We catch up with different local groups and student leaders, and hear about exciting new changes and events over the past few weeks.


The Student Christian Movement is pleased to announce it will be an associate of Greenbelt festival this year, working closely with them to promote our shared values and support a generation of Christian students and young adults to grow in faith and discipleship.


SCM is hosting a live Twitter chat in April with Pádraig Ó Tuama, a poet, writer and leader of the Corrymeela community. Padraig is a headline speaker at Stories of Faith, SCM’s mini summer festival this June.


University students call for better access to higher education services in Britain for refugees and asylum seekers during SCM campaign event in Birmingham.


Students at the University of Manchester attended a vigil at St Peter’s House chaplaincy on Friday to show their support and solidarity with Dalit students in the aftermath of the suicide of Rohith Vemula.


SCM is joining with Student Action on Refugees (STAR) on their Equal Access campaign, with two new Faith in Action day events in Birmingham and Leeds in early 2016.


SCM has published a new set of resources for use during Student Sunday 2016, with reflections, stories and prayers for students around the world.