Who We Are

We’re a movement of students, past and present, responding to the call of Jesus to follow him and show the love of God on campus, in our communities and in the world. We come together as an ecumenical and inclusive community, fostering unity in diversity and exploring faith through worship, discussion and action.

We are part of the World Student Christian Federation, a global network of student movements. We are a fully student led organisation; our trustees are all students, and our student membership help to shape the direction the movement travels. 

SCM's vision is that every student can find a vibrant, open and inclusive Christian community, where they can explore faith and be inspired to put faith into action. To achieve this vision, SCM has four aims.


Our Aims

We are founded in the spirit of ecumenism and therefore aim to be a movement that brings students together from different denominations and traditions, building physical and virtual communities. Because our students are the movement, we want to create a sense of belonging and space for members to find people who are like them. We do this through a network of student communities and individual members across Britain, as well as Link Churches and Chaplaincies. Each SCM community is different, but you can always expect to find a warm welcome. To search for your nearest SCM community, you can search SCM Connect here. We also have an active Facebook group which allows our members to connect online, and host events across Britain to bring students together in person to meet and explore faith alongside one another.


Drawing on faith, our lived experience, theology and church traditions we aim to critically engage with our faith to learn and grow as Christians. We want to engage with students where they are at with their faith, and nurture a sustainable faith that inspires actions. Our resources section is packed with workshop plans, devotionals, bible studies and reflections for our student communities to use, and our bi-annual Movement magazine draws together stories from across the movement and thoughts on current issues. You can check out our resources by clicking here. 


We seek to create inclusive communities where all are welcomed and valued equally, respecting our differences. SCM aims to take this a step further, exploring what it means to celebrate our diversity and championing each other for our differences not just our similarities. There is unity in diversity, and we believe every student to be unique. Diversity allows students to explore and learn from the faith experiences of others. Because of this, our blog tackles a range of issues, and has opinions and stories from a diverse range of students, chaplains, and prominent theologians. You can see our blog posts by clicking here.


We believe that faith and justice are inseparable. We aim to be a movement for change, participating in God's Kingdom of peace, justice and hope. Students are uniquely positioned to have an impact on the world, and because we believe that caring for others and the world in which we live is a biblical calling, we want to facilitate students to seek justice on campus and in their lives going forward. Our Faith in Action project seeks to encourage students to think through the call to follow Jesus in all aspects of life, and this involves campaigning and social action activities, exploring ethical living, and putting faith into action in the workplace. You can find out more about our Faith in Action project here to get involved.