The UN vs Home Office Response vs Christian Tradition

By PhoebeE on 10 May 2024

At the end of 2023, SCM members and friends joined together in a craftivism campaign to send over 150 origami boats to the new Home Secretary, James Clerverly. This was in response to the Government’s ‘Stop the Boats‘ campaign, which we believe is driven by a narrative rooted in trying to keep refugees and asylum seekers outside of the country, and aiding in the building of a general hostile environment for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. The ’Stop the Boats’ campaign in particular focuses on the boats that carry refugees across the channel, rather than the people seeking refuge.

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Miracles and Rebellion with L’Arche UK

By Jenna on 3 May 2024

On 20th January 2024, if you had wandered into the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral, you would have found yourself at a banquet. Hundreds of people with and without learning disabilities, crammed into the vaulted room, waving colourful flags, dancing to Abba, making a holy noise in that ancient building. This was the fiftieth birthday party of L’Arche Kent, the first of eleven L’Arche communities in Great Britain. In his speech, our National Leader asked: what do you do when a miracle happens? ‘You see it and you believe it,’ rang out a voice in the front row. 

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Music as Protest

By PhoebeE on 3 May 2024

If I have had the pleasure of joining any of you readers in person for a workshop recently you will know I am a big fan of Grace Petrie, the self-proclaimed ‘lefty scum, protest singer’. In April I was blessed enough to go to her gig in Birmingham with my cousins and mother, and of  course, there I found my muse for this month’s creative protest blog! Music can include everything  from  writing some of the best music of the 21st century, like Grace Petrie (in my humble opinion), to banging drums on marches, to changing lyrics to songs to generate new meanings.

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Response to the Baptist Union Council decision on LGBTQ+ ministers

By Ruth N on 16 Apr 2024

A response from an SCM member and the SCM trustees on the recent Baptist Union Council decision.

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Meet your General Council election candidates!

By SCM on 10 Apr 2024

At the upcoming AGM, members will have the opportunity to elect representatives to General Council, the decision-making body of the movement made up of students and recent graduates. 

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Scrap book style image; reading 'Prayer As Protest' A monthly blog series on new, creative ways to protest.

Prayer as Protest

By PhoebeE on 5 Apr 2024

“Why don’t you actually do something rather than just praying about it?”  

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Theatre and the Bible

By PhoebeE on 27 Mar 2024

You could be forgiven for thinking the only place the Bible and theatre cross are at children’s nativity plays and the odd Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. However, these are words we perhaps don’t hear together as much as we should. The basis of modern theatre and much of what we see on stage today, has come from a combination of these two things.  

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Rediscovering Jesus on the Cross: Lent 2024

By WilliamG on 26 Mar 2024

William rounds off our Lent 2024 series reflecting on the ways in which we've rediscovered Jesus, and offers another way to meet Jesus again, inspired by Marcus Borg. 

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Face to Face with Jesus: Lent 2024

By SCM on 19 Mar 2024

The following reflection is taken from St Clare's lent series based on the Face to Face with Jesus resource, and was originally published on their website.

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Meeting Jesus Through Rest: Lent 2024

By SCM on 12 Mar 2024

In our latest Lent blog, Niamh explores the radical act of rest as a way of meeting Jesus in a new way.

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