Faith in Action

The UN vs Home Office Response vs Christian Tradition

10 May 2024

At the end of 2023, SCM members and friends joined together in a craftivism campaign to send over 150 origami boats to the new Home Secretary, James Clerverly. This was in response to the Government’s ‘Stop the Boats‘ campaign, which we believe is driven by a narrative rooted in trying to keep...

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Music as Protest

3 May 2024

If I have had the pleasure of joining any of you readers in person for a workshop recently you will know I am a big fan of Grace Petrie, the self-proclaimed ‘lefty scum, protest singer’. In April I was blessed enough to go to her gig in Birmingham with my cousins and mother, and of  course,...

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Scrap book style image; reading 'Prayer As Protest' A monthly blog series on new, creative ways to protest.

Prayer as Protest

5 Apr 2024

“Why don’t you actually do something rather than just praying about it?”  

This is what a passer-by shouted to us during the 14 day 'No Faith in Fossil Fuels’ vigil we held outside Parliament in February. Joining together many people, including friends from Christian organisations, the 24...

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Theatre and the Bible

27 Mar 2024

You could be forgiven for thinking the only place the Bible and theatre cross are at children’s nativity plays and the odd Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. However, these are words we perhaps don’t hear together as much as we should. The basis of modern theatre and much of what we see on stage today...

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Protest Poetry

1 Mar 2024

Protest poetry is exactly what it sounds like – a poem or poems where the main theme is uncovering and shining light on issues of social justice or capturing an emotional response to injustices. The natural flow of poetry makes the creative expression of emotion easy to follow, channelling the...

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Making that Switch

9 Feb 2024

Today I ended a nine year relationship. It was one I entered into because it was convenient. I didn’t know any better, and then after a while it was comfortable and harder to get out of. This was my relationship with my bank; Barclays. However, today I switched. To an ethical, greener bank with...

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Street Art, Graffiti and Protest

2 Feb 2024

Some of you may have seen that in December a new artwork by the infamous Banksy was left in Peckham, London, before being stolen not long after. It hit the news and inspired this month’s Creative Protest blog: Graffiti and Street Art.  


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Acting for Justice Through Our Choice of Bank

19 Jan 2024

By Rosie Venner, JustMoney Movement Programme Manager

Ethical banking wasn’t on my radar when I started university back in the early 2000s. I’m slightly ashamed to say that when I needed to open a current account, I simply opted for the bank that gave me a free overdraft...

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Bonhoeffer and Human Rights

16 Jan 2024

When we consider the place of Christian faith and human rights, one person of particular relevance is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. For those of you who don’t know who Bonhoeffer was, he was a pastor and theologian who was part of the Confessing Church in Nazi Germany and who eventually became involved...

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19 Dec 2023

It’s January! Do you know what that means? It's time to do something with all those old gift tags, scraps of wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and other festive debris that is lying around. And there is no better use for it than for social justice! This month’s creative protest blog focuses on ‘...

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