Faith in Action

Palestine Resource Pack

27 Oct 2023

To help equip our members to be well informed on the current situation in Palestine and Israel our Faith in Action project workers William and Phoebe have produced a resource pack. This includes recommended books, podcasts, videos and more. It also includes resources on tackling hate crime,...

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Suella Braverman vs UN vs Christian Tradition

5 Oct 2023

Remember your responsibilities as a citizen for the conduct of local, national, and international affairs. Do not shrink from the time and effort your involvement may demand.

-Quaker Advices and Queries 34

Suella Braverman has added to her rhetoric...

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Scrap book style image; reading 'Introduction to Creative Protest' A monthly blog series on new, creative ways to protest. hly

Introduction to Creative Protest

2 Oct 2023




relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something:



a statement or action expressing disapproval...

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Mourning Rosebank

27 Sep 2023

"This is my Father's world

May we tend her gentle life

Her seas are filled with the oil we spilled

Her skies growing warm in their plight

This is our Father's world

He has fashioned us a home

And lest our crib become our grave

This world is not...

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Write to Your Bishop!

14 Sep 2023

SCM is joining with The Campaign for Equal Marriage in asking our members, and all who want the Church to treat LGBTQIA+ people fairly and equally, to write to your bishop ASAP! 

From 18 September all the bishops serving in the Church of...

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Flipping Tables

21 Jun 2023

When I was younger there was one Bible story that was often mysteriously passed over during our youth study group. In fact, I never remember it being spoken about. Which is a shame because it is the story that I have clung onto in the past year as I have been coming to grips with realising that...

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Take the Veg Pledge with YCCN!

6 Jun 2023

Where to begin with Climate Justice?

The climate emergency is arguably the most pressing and prominent social justice issue for young British Christians today.

In some ways this is an issue many Christians feel comfortable with. The church has developed strong theological and...

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Attending XR's The Big One

29 May 2023

When Extinction Rebellion (XR) announced on social media that they were aiming to get 100,000 people outside Parliament to put pressure on the UK government to ACT on climate change, I knew I had to be there. The climate crisis is such a dominating and complex issue that it is easy to...

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Little Kindnesses with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and St Therese of Lisieux

15 May 2023

I’m on something of a St Therese of Lisieux bender at the moment, and thinking about the Little Way and all its little acts of love. I’ve also been rereading Bonhoeffer’s Letters from Prison, my favourite of his writings.  

You wouldn’t think the letters of a man imprisoned by the Nazis...

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Finding the Divine in Moss

27 Apr 2023

Do you remember the first time you noticed moss?

I do. I was a child, young enough that I wasn’t in school yet, and my mother was taking my brother and me for a walk in the woods. Before she had children, my mother worked as an environmental scientist, doing ecosystem assessments for an...

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