Faith in Action

Doing Enough? Activism and Protest as a Person of Colour

25 Jun 2019

I remember feeling two emotions when I attended a University of Birmingham student-led Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest a few years ago: pride and guilt. I felt proud standing in solidarity with my British peers, knowing the fight against white supremacy was a worthy cause whether in the United...

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The Importance of Reflective Activism

25 Jun 2019

When faced with political tension, injustice on a huge scale, climate breakdown and the myriad other problems facing our society today, it is tempting to dive in and try and solve these issues straight away. Reflection can feel like a waste of time, and theology can feel irrelevant in the face...

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But What Can We Do? Ethical Fashion

19 Jun 2019

Who made our clothes?

Do we know? 

Do we care? 

These are the questions asked by Fashion Revolution, an organisation set up to combat the enormous abuse of people and...

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Top Tips for First Time Protesters

11 Jun 2019

So you want to join a protest – that’s amazing! Maybe a friend has invited you along, maybe you've seen a poster or an announcement on social media. Either way, here are six top tips to help you get ready.

1. Get informed!

Before setting of for a protest it is important to make...

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We Could Not, So Help Us God, Do Otherwise

23 Apr 2019

When he stood trial with his co-conspirators for burning draft cards with homemade napalm, thus preventing the drafting of many young men into the Vietnam war and making a mockery of the liberal imperative that property damage is always bad, the American Catholic priest Father Daniel Berrigan...

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The Time Is Now

17 Apr 2019
The time is now:
we have extraordinary social power, if only we are willing to use it.

‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it; the world, and those who live in it’.

(Psalm 24:1)

Business as...

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Easter Journeys

11 Apr 2019

Lent is one of my favourite times of year. I’ve used it to challenge myself for a long time now, often with impacts that last; five years ago I gave up meat for Lent and I’m still a vegetarian now! I love the notion of the journey towards Easter, and lent is a great time to try and get away and ...

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Slow and Steady

4 Apr 2019

One of my new year’s resolutions in 2019 was to slow down.

In a world of fast-paced environments where efficiency and instant results are extolled, slowing down can seem counter-cultural and counter-intuitive. If you have too much to do, doesn't it make more sense to just do it faster? If...

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I Cannot Do This Alone

26 Feb 2019

When you think about political resistance, what comes to mind? For me I think of the ‘RESIST’ poster that was hung from a crane behind the White House after Trump’s election, and the marches and protests that went on around the country in response. I think of Bonhoeffer and the plot against...

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Refreshing Commitments: Faith

29 Jan 2019

As a student I would spend much of the Christmas holidays with family.  A major consideration in deciding when to head back to uni was making sure I managed to attend a "Covenant Service" somewhere, whilst still getting back for the start of term! 

The Covenant Service is used once a year...

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