Faith in Action

Tweet Others As You Would Like To Be Tweeted

30 Oct 2014
“Social media has an alternative gospel to proclaim; the Kingdom of the Smartphone is at hand! Follow thy Lord - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Upvote thy neighbour as thyself. No longer will you be fishers of people; social media will make you fishers of ‘likes’.”...
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22 Oct 2014

Romans 15:7 (English Standard Version)

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you so that God will be given glory.”

This blog would've probably been more relevant a month ago, and for that I apologise, however I plead still applicable as I'm aware that...

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21 Oct 2014
Russell Brand is getting a lot of attention in recent days, and somehow he's managed to keep his clothes on while doing so. In case you've missed it, for the last seven months, he's been producing daily news features on his YouTube...
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To be consoled

9 Oct 2014

Today is World Mental Health day, and it seems like a good time to consider something I think is a common problem in churches.

It’s a common one that anyone who is even loosely involved in a church can probably identify with. With so many opportunities to serve, people are often eager to...

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Forage against the Machine

2 Oct 2014
Who fancies eating delicious food, paying very little money, and taking some steps towards reducing food waste in our society? I know I do!
This week’s blog is about foraging - the act of searching for free food in public land, often associated with late summer...
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Bucket list

25 Sep 2014
A few months ago I started writing a bucket list. It’s an ongoing task, and I’ve been surprised how much of an impact it’s made on me already. Silly things I want to do at some point, have suddenly jumped the life priority queue, because if I don’t start now, when will I? 'I’d love to learn...
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Praying Station

19 Sep 2014

Disclaimer: This is a blog containing a few of my thoughts about faith in action, it got postponed due to last week’s reflection on Greenbelt, and any timing with the Scottish referendum was entirely unplanned.

The photo above is of my Grandpa, as a local vicar on voting day when ‘Polling...

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Stephen Talks Bananas: Part Two

17 Sep 2014
'Stephen, can you find a home for hundreds of bananas?!'
This unusual question was posed to me last week when a supermarket in London dramatically overstocked on bananas. Hundreds and hundreds of them were left unsold and faced the fate of the rubbish bin - the...
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Thoughts that resonate (Diversity with division)

16 Sep 2014

Sometimes I date myself. That might sound slightly pathetic, but I thoroughly advocate it; spending quality time doing something exclusively for you is a beautiful thing. Sometimes I play games on my own, other times I text myself if something has stayed with me.

Generally the things I...

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Stephen Talks Bananas: Part One

11 Sep 2014
Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
Discussing things as they are said to be
Said one to others; ‘Now listen, you two
There’s a certain rumour that just can’t be true
That humanity descended from our noble race...
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