Faith in Action

Stephen Talks Bananas: Part Two

17 Sep 2014
'Stephen, can you find a home for hundreds of bananas?!'
This unusual question was posed to me last week when a supermarket in London dramatically overstocked on bananas. Hundreds and hundreds of them were left unsold and faced the fate of the rubbish bin - the...
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Thoughts that resonate (Diversity with division)

16 Sep 2014

Sometimes I date myself. That might sound slightly pathetic, but I thoroughly advocate it; spending quality time doing something exclusively for you is a beautiful thing. Sometimes I play games on my own, other times I text myself if something has stayed with me.

Generally the things I...

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Stephen Talks Bananas: Part One

11 Sep 2014
Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
Discussing things as they are said to be
Said one to others; ‘Now listen, you two
There’s a certain rumour that just can’t be true
That humanity descended from our noble race...
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Time To Put Faith In Action

4 Sep 2014
By the age of seven I was pretty good at Sunday School. I was getting lots of questions right and had mastered the dance moves to the songs. When I was nine I had memorised lots of bible stories. By the time I was fourteen I was well-skilled at the annual youth camp - the raising of the hands...
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Dietrich Bonhoeffer Day: What is this really costing me?

22 Oct 2012

This weekend several of us from SCM went to Project Bonhoeffer's Conference where we spent the day exploring and discussing the ideas of German theologian and Nazi resistor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is Project Bonhoeffer that works with SCM on the...

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