Faith in Action

Finding the Divine in Death

29 Nov 2022

Content Warning: This blog contains discussions of death and grief and allusions to domestic violence; reader discretion is advised.

I kind of like going to funerals. I find them calming, and hopeful, and a good chance to catch up with people you haven’t seen in ages. I...

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"Dear Bishop X"

29 Nov 2022

"Dear Bishop X,

I won’t bore you with the formalities of me beginning this letter telling you what I’m about to discuss. Instead, I will keep it short. I’m writing to tell you an important point of view you may like to consider when meeting with the other bishops and (hopefully) finally...

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Advent and Activism

23 Nov 2022

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas, and his coming again to make the earth new. It is a time to pray and reflect, and to discern where God is calling us to put our faith into action and 'make the way straight' for the Lord.

As the weather gets colder and...

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Christ at the Picket Line

8 Nov 2022

After years of austerity, a workforce battered by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ever-looming threat of the cost-of-living crisis, workers in this country are desperate for change. Despite multiple requests to the big companies to increase pay, their requests have fallen on deaf ears. Left with...

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Faith in Action: Naomi's Story

31 Oct 2022

Growing up, my first interactions with Christianity were through music. I was a chorister at the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool and I loved it. I loved being a part of the services and helping to shape the worship. I loved seeing how the church changed with the seasons, how the music took us on...

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A photo of poet Mary Oliver with the words Mary Oliver: The Divine in Nature

Finding the Divine in Nature with Mary Oliver

24 Oct 2022

Between now and January, Naomi and I will be looking at three broad themes in our Faith in Action work. One of these is ‘Finding the Divine’.

For me, finding the divine is about seeing God in all of their many forms and faces, and in spaces and at times that aren’t ‘religious’. It’s about...

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Faith in Action: Grace's Story

20 Oct 2022

I grew up in the Lutheran church in Pennsylvania, which probably accounts for a good 40% of my personality. The church of my childhood was and is one that gets things done. No one was all that concerned about what you actually believed, so long as it was adjacent to the Nicene Creed and wasn’t...

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Ethical Church Shopping

14 Sep 2022

When we go to a supermarket or shop, many brand names often call for our attention. Sometimes we choose a product because of price, or a deal. But more and more often people are making choices based on their values.

That might be a fairtrade banana, coffee, or bar of chocolate; it might...

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Reflecting on a year working at SCM

6 Sep 2022

After a year of working for SCM, today (5th September) is my final day with this incredible organisation, and as one of my final acts I wanted to write something that captured, at least in part, what a privilege it has been to be a small part of this amazing movement.

I came to SCM wary...

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