Faith in Action

Elizabeth Fry – A Life Lived Through Faith in Action

23 Aug 2022

Elizabeth Fry might be one of most recognisable faces of 1800s due to the years that her image spent gracing the £5 banknote, something I am not sure she’d be completely comfortable with given she was a ‘plain Friend’ and followed her Quaker religion very strictly - dressing plainly, avoiding a...

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On Small Resistances and Powerful Reconciliations

22 Aug 2022

With its history and efforts of reconciliation and remembrance, visiting Berlin is a humbling experience. It forces us to face our own smallness in the face of indescribable horror. The systematic structure of atrocities the city has witnessed left me overwhelmed and questioning how it could be...

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“You don’t need to feel sorry for me – but you DO need to accommodate me”: a provocation for Disability Pride Month

13 Jul 2022

Content note: brief references to bullying; non-clerical abuse; psychosis. 

I have heard voices since I was 5 years old, but the voices I heard from ages 5 - 20 were not psychosis: it’s just the way my brain operates. I had no issues attending church, for example; I’d go...

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Book Review: While the Earth Sleeps We Travel

21 Jun 2022

Young refugees reclaiming their narratives and discovering the power of storytelling in a moving collection of poetry, stories and art. 

The book While the Earth Sleeps We Travel by Ahmed M. Badr, guides the reader through the stories of 27 young refugees. The...

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Refugee Week: What is it, why do we celebrate it and why is it so important – especially this year?

20 Jun 2022

Founded in 1998, Refugee Week is a week-long UK-wide festival in June (20th-26th June this year) that celebrates the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK. For as long as I have been involved in social action and campaigning, I’ve always loved...

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World Refugee Day

8 Jun 2022

World Refugee Day comes around every year on the 20th June, June being World Refugee Awareness Month. Last year SCM began a long-term campaign focusing on the rights of Refugees and how the...

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Pure exhaustion: the Queer Christian Experience

16 May 2022

I can guarantee you that if we were to start a discussion on the theology of queerness, I could talk to you all day. My grandparents like to employ the phrase ‘she could talk for England’ very liberally in my presence...

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