Faith in Action

Archbishop Desmond Tutu – A Life Lived Through Faith in Action

11 Jan 2022

The 2021 Christmas period became a little more sombre for me when, on the 26th December, I read the news that Archbishop Desmond Tutu had passed away. While the news of Tutu’s death at the grand old age of 90 was not necessarily surprising, it still felt like the world became a little bit darker...

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Recipes at the Ready!

6 Jan 2022

We’re really excited to announce that in 2022, as part of our food campaign, SCM will be developing our very own ethical cookbook! However, we can’t do this alone. To paraphrase Lord Kitchener, we need you! Or more specifically, we need your recipes.  

Throughout January we will...

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The Story of a Refugee

20 Dec 2021

No room left at the inn 

Every year schools across the country perform the Nativity: the story of a child, born of a virgin, in a stable surrounded by sheep and cattle, shepherds and wise men.  

Understandably, the character often excluded from this child-friendly ...

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Peace to Contend with War

9 Dec 2021

We arrived at the Excel Centre in London after travelling from all across the country to be there. Candles at the ready, the plan was seemingly very simple. We were going to join a silent vigil and protest the DSEI Arms Fair in London, one of the world's largest arms fair where governments and...

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Advent: The Theology of Waiting

7 Dec 2021

Advent – The Theology of Waiting  

“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” - Psalm 27:14 NRSV.  

Advent calendars and Advent candles are used by millions of people across the country every December. The ...

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Who is my neighbour?

2 Dec 2021

Throughout both the Old and New Testaments this idea of ‘the neighbour’ is almost always placed at the forefront of Christian ethics. Encompassed by The Golden Rule to treat others as you wish to be treated, on the surface, showing love for one’s neighbour is not a complicated concept to...

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A Theological Perspective on Remembrance and Awareness

29 Nov 2021

World AIDS Day 

A Theological Perspective on Remembrance and Awareness 

AIDS, known medically in the UK as Advanced HIV, refers to the stage in which a sufferer’s immune system has become so weakened by the virus HIV that they can no longer resist...

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Why you should Rock the Red Ribbon this World AIDS Day

25 Nov 2021

What is the red ribbon and what is its history?  

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Prince - The Cross

19 Nov 2021

The song:

The song’s lyrics: 

Prince was one of the eighties greatest stars and...

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