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Rach's Diary - Lots of People

8 Nov 2017

It might not come as a surprise to you, but I'm an extrovert. It is, therefore, always a pleasure for me to see my calendar full of meetings and people, and for much of the past few weeks this is how my calendar has looked. One highlight was meeting up with SCM Friend and Council of Reference...

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Rach's Diary - Working 9-5?!

23 Oct 2017

In the week beginning 9th October, and for the first time in my working life, I worked five days in a row, all of them in one office, working 9-5 each day! I quickly followed it up with a week where I travelled to Birmingham, Stafford and Alfreton, as well as two days based at my desk in...

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Rach's Diary - Welcome Week Everywhere!

4 Oct 2017

During the summer I spent some time searching through university websites working out welcome week dates, and emailing chaplains in cities where I thought I could be the most helpful. This meant I ended up finishing last week with a day in Warrington and a day in Chester. Both days were spent on...

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Rach's Diary - Freshers' in Manchester, the 2nd Edition

27 Sep 2017

It could never be said that my job is dull, and generally, no two days are the same. However, Manchester's Welcome Week did develop a rhythm as each morning started with prayer and then the team effort of putting up a Yurt. In the yurt, we offered tea, cake and fruit to all those passing by, and...

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The Nashville Statement – A Transgender Christian Responds

20 Sep 2017

The Nashville Statement – a statement signed by many ‘evangelical church leaders’ which denounces LGBT identities – has been responded to by so many people, and has caused so much pain, that it feels difficult to write more. It matters though, and so I will give it a try.

Many of the...

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Rach's Diary - On your marks

13 Sep 2017

Since returning from Greenbelt a lot of my time has been taken up preparing for future things. 


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Combined Leaders Training 2017

12 Sep 2017

Last week SCM held two sets of exciting and enriching training in the beautiful house and grounds at Fircroft College in Birmingham. Church leaders, students, chaplaincy assistants and student workers from across the country came together to explore questions around mission, community and what a...

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The Common Good: A Reflection on Greenbelt

12 Sep 2017

Recently a friend asked me what my favourite bit of this year's Greenbelt festival was, and I was truly spoilt for choices.  Highlights most definitely included: listening to wonderful live music from world famous artists like Newton Faulkner and Kate Rusby (my particular favourite) on the main...

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Church leaders call on Government to end holiday hunger

4 Sep 2017

*Breaking news from Church Action on Poverty and the 'End Hunger UK' campaign*

CHURCH LEADERS, campaigners, education leaders and senior clergy have urged the Government to help millions of British children, by putting an end to holiday hunger.

22 signatories from a wide...

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Rach's Diary - Last Blog of the Year!

30 Aug 2017

I don't know if I would have believed everything this year has been made up of if you had asked me a year ago, just days before I started with SCM.

Have you read the blog about Called to be... the event I ran in March, or that time I...

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