Reflections and Stories

TBH, you're not welcome here

5 Sep 2022

I’ll be honest with you: this has been on my mind for a while. Every time I step into the shower, I ponder my reflections on the topic and think ‘maybe I should get round to writing this down’. But I don’t. I just keep...

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Clinging on: PTSD and faith

21 Jun 2022

The PTSD came first. Never spoken about, only diagnosed at 17, but there nonetheless. The symptoms I experienced (and continue to experience to this day) - panic attacks, flashbacks, compulsive thoughts, fatigue,...

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Called To Be... Feylyn's Discovery

6 Jun 2022

I spent much of my childhood as a young carer for my disabled mother. It was a profoundly isolating, frightening, and traumatic experience, yet God has been so faithful to take care of me and my family.

Growing up in the United States, I didn’t meet any other young carers. I wasn’t even...

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Called to Be: Emilia's Journey

30 May 2022

Growing up I thought vocation meant becoming a vicar or another church sort of job, whereas what I realised I wanted to study and work in was engineering (specifically motorsport). As I learnt more about engineering whilst at university, I felt like it was going to be more than just a job - more...

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Called to Be: Vocations Resource

30 May 2022

Vocation refers to work that a person is instinctively drawn to, combining a sense of suitability and purpose. Though typically associated with a religious calling such as joining the priesthood, vocation can also be related to non-religious work (either paid or voluntary). The idea of vocation...

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Between the Back Door of the Bungalow and the Garden Gate: A Vocation Story

26 Apr 2022

28 years ago today, on the 13th April, I received my calling to be a priest. I was 18 and preparing to do A levels before heading to university to study Law and History. I planned to be a lawyer, but God intervened. For a long time I wasn’t really aware of the date this happened on, but I...

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United in Christ: Ecumenism and the World Church

18 Jan 2022

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18 – 25 January) is an international initiative aimed at fostering mutual respect and collaboration between the many different denominations that make up the world church. It is a great example of ecumenism in action.

Ecumenism is a concept derived...

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Ten Times the UK Welcomed the Stranger (and the Positive Impact They Had)

18 Dec 2021
The Christmas period presents the perfect time to reflect on the importance of welcoming the stranger, the migrant, and the refugee. Whether it...
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Proud to Be... A Fighter

7 Oct 2021

Pride is something I have a strange relationship with. I definitely relate to the ‘seven deadly sins’ type of pride: the pride that comes before a fall. Yet feeling proud of myself for something that I’ve done is something that comes less naturally. Perhaps it’s the legacy of being in an...

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Reflections on Reading Living in Love and Faith

20 Sep 2021

For the past eight months, SCM members, trustees and staff have been meeting regularly to read and discuss the Living in Love and Faith resources. Here, members of the group reflect on their experience.

We started reading the Living in Love and Faith book back when it was...

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