Reflections and Stories

Rach's Reflection: From This Day

16 Aug 2018

Today is A Level results day. I want to think about what this means for a moment.  

I wonder, how today is for you?  

You may, like me, be reliving memories of getting those results and finding out if and where and what the future held.  

Or maybe it is today for you...

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Rach's Reflection: Rest

18 Jul 2018

I wonder what it is that you do that influences other people, whether you realise it or not? 

Since the major train changes back in May I've often found myself with mere minutes to get across a train station to make my connection. There has been a couple of times when I have broken into a...

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Kept in Precious Love: Finding True Rest in God

17 Jul 2018

‘Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest’  - Matthew 11:28

I’m writing this blog while preparing to go on holiday to Devon, which feels appropriate in many ways. For many people, holidays are a chance to rest...

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Rach's Reflections: Discipleship

18 Jun 2018

As SCM "goes regional" each regional member of staff has their own national focus - mine is events. This means I now have a really long and snazzy job title, Regional Development Worker (North West) and Events Lead. This isn't my first fancy job title. My first ever job was Youth Ministry...

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Where Jesus Might Need Us

31 May 2018

There is something of a misconception that vocation in the Church involves, or should involve, becoming ordained or being in some kind licensed position. I’m not sure that’s right. The bottom line of vocation is following the call to follow Him; once he has that commitment, he can work through...

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Intergenerational (in)justice

31 May 2018

Every generation is different. Every generation has a different experience of the world.  Every generation brings something new and interesting to the table.

In a fair society, each generation might expect to inherit opportunities which are at the very least equal to those open to the...

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Rach's Reflections - Heaven Jump

15 May 2018

Acts 2 is often classed as the birth of the church and seems to be everywhere at the moment.  So when given the opportunity to preach on Acts 1, I was excited to get my teeth into the start of the story. Luke's second book starts with Jesus and his ascension into heaven. I spent Ascension in...

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Rach's Reflections - Amen

5 Apr 2018

A couple of weeks ago I spent my Saturday at the Joint Public Issues Team Conference in Manchester, and as well as staffing the SCM Stall and catching up with many Methodist friends, I had the chance to attend two of the workshops. In the first, the team explored generational justice issues ...

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Reflections on Gifts of Grace : Forgiveness for Collective Suffering

26 Mar 2018

Going to Gifts of Grace in Glasgow (all the alliteration!) was an exciting and moving experience. I had been quite tired and stressed the week leading up to it and was dreading meeting lots of new people as well as keeping up with the sessions. I was exhausted (and I have to admit I spent most...

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Rach's Reflections - Everybody's changing

5 Mar 2018

In my 18 months with SCM nothing has stayed static. On my first day, I was told everything we thought we knew about my office in Manchester was up on the air. Eighteen months later I've had a number of different desks and shared offices with none, one or seven people, and now I have moved out of...

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