Reflections and Stories

Tread carefully: Diet Culture and Lent

24 Feb 2020

Before I begin, I want to be clear that I am not actually a Christian. I am, at best, Christian-adjacent, by which I mean that my partner is a committed Christian, and I am the token atheist at church events sometimes. And this part of the liturgical year, up to and including Holy Week, is my...

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A Faith That Accommodates The Mess

18 Feb 2020

I am so thankful for SCM, because it has made me the Christian I am today.  I feel certain that without SCM, the friends I made, the events I attended and the resources I used, my faith would be very different.

SCM helped me to integrate life and faith.  To live life with a Bible in one...

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The God Who Chose To Make Us

12 Feb 2020

A few weeks ago, I was sat talking to a friend, feeling uncertain about what path my future was going to take. I was worried about many things; what the best choices to make would be, how best to honour God in my life, and many smaller worries. The friend turned to me and told me that I would be...

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My Favourite LGBT+ Ally

12 Feb 2020

Fr. James Martin SJ//

LGBTQ+ Roman Catholics have long been a thorny issue for the Catholic Church. Though it theoretically upholds that we “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity" and "every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided” (see...

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Humans Of The Movement - Alex//

5 Feb 2020

I’m 21 and I come from a village near Southampton. Now I’m training in London as a classical singer. The first queer person I met was at sixth form when I was 16. It took me a painfully long time to come out, but she was the best listener and she helped me start to unbind myself. Church-wise I...

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Stellenbosch: How Learning More About Bonhoeffer Changed My Life

3 Feb 2020

Hello fellow SCM’ers!

My name is George, I’m a Theology Youth & Community student at Nazarene Theological College in Didsbury, Manchester. Over the summer I won a bursary from Project Bonhoeffer to attend the Bonhoeffer conference 2020 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

It was an...

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Shouting from the Closet: From Allyship to Acceptance?

30 Jan 2020

As a polite, church-going Christian, acceptability is my forte. In my first year of university, my friends would joke that I was a “good Christian boy”, primarily to get me to act out in one way or another. At church, I am frequently told how good/helpful/nice I am. I rarely face any situation...

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Queerly Beloved: Encountering God in the Every Day

27 Jan 2020

It feels somewhat strange to be writing a blog post on being an LGBTQ+ person of faith during a period of increased dissonance, upset and anger within the Church of England. In a lot of ways I’m lost as to what to say, sad at the system, and confused as to what my role is in all of it. I’ve been...

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Rach's Reflection: Heaven on earth

21 Jan 2020

When I was preaching last Sunday at a church in Salford I led the congregation in looking at some of the images we use to describe God, particularly the Good Shepherd, using Psalm 23.  

I wonder what it means for you that God is a good shepherd? Better than the hired hands who care only...

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