Rach Collins's blog

Rach’s Reflection: One Last Time

Rach reflects as she prepares to leave SCM after four years as the Regional Development Worker in the North West. 

Rach's Reflection: A People in Exile

Rach wonders on what the imagery of exile can say to us in lockdown today. 

A Day in the Life

Rach gives us an insight into a day in the life of a regional development worker!

Rach's Reflection: Heaven on earth

When I was preaching last Sunday at a church in Salford I led the congregation in looking at some of the images we use to describe God, particularly the Good Shepherd, using Psalm 23.  

Rach's Diary: Round Four of Freshers

Catch up with Rach as she tells tales of her fourth freshers with SCM!

Rach's Reflection: Evangelism is a Scary Word

Rach looks back over how she "did evangelism" in the past, and what it looks like for her today.

Rach's 130 Challenge: Knitting On A Train

Rach reflects on how knitting a blanket is helping to knit a community.

Rach's Reflection: Championing Chaplaincy

Rach reflects on the impact that chaplaincy had on her life as a student, and the value it continues to add even now. 

Rach's Reflection: Every Walk a Pilgrimage?

Rach remembers the pilgrimage that changed the way she walks. 

Rach's Reflections: A Joyful Christmas?

What word would you use to describe the year you've had? Rach reflects on the past year and the season of Christmas.