Advent Resources 2017!

Submitted by Ruth N on Friday, December 1, 2017 - 16:03

Advent is a season of preparation; waiting and reflecting in hopeful anticipation of the coming of Christ to our broken world. We’ve rounded up some of the best resources on offer for Advent 2017 to help you still your inner person and prepare for Christmas.

1.    Bible Society – Advent Challenge

If a more practical approach to Advent is your jam then this might be the resource for you! Join the Bible Society and 14,000 others as they partake in bringing the Bible to life through themed challenges and acts of kindness such as buying flowers, exercising patience and donating to a food bank. Each day you’ll be emailed with a choice of three challenges and biblical reflection.

2.    SCM Advent Bible Study

Check out SCM’s very own Advent Bible study resource, written by Padraig O’Tuama. The study takes you through the genealogy of Jesus as recorded in Matthew 1:1-17. But before you think, ‘Really, a look at one of those boring genealogies with all the names? No thanks!’, hear us out. The study explores the lives of the five women named in Matthew’s timeline, giving a glimpse into the strong, diverse and multifaceted lineage of matriarchs into which Christ is born.

The resource includes a reflection, opening and closing prayers, and discussion questions; perfect for use in a group.

  1. Advent Playlist from Carrots for Michaelmas

For the hardcore Advent-ers amongst you who want to stay liturgically pure but still want to be able to listen to music, have an Advent playlist on the house! Feat. Surfjan Stevens, Handel, and Mumford and Sons.

  1. Church Mission Society – Daily Advent Thought

Don’t have a lot of time? Sign up to Church Mission Society’s advent calendar to get a daily Advent thought from people in mission all around the world. They'll be telling us who they are waiting for this Advent - and why.

  1.  Loyola Press – Sacred Advent Retreat

Loyola Press are offering a sacred retreat via your inbox during this often busy and stressful time. You can sign up to have daily reflective and prayerful emails sent to you to help you to break away from the hustle and the bustle of the “Christmas” season, each with a step-by-step prayer, a Scripture reading and related points of reflection. The messages also include suggestions for further exploration of Advent themes through additional online articles and prayers.

  1. Advent Conspiracy

The Advent Conspiracy is a chance to do things slightly differently this advent season. Christmas can still change the world and you can be part of it! By celebrating Christmas differently, you'll join brothers and sisters around the world in finding their way back to the real reason for the season. Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All—you can sign up to download the resources here -

  1. Sacred Space X Pray As You Go – Messengers of Joy

Sacred Space, in collaboration with Pray As You Go (we see what they did there!), present Messengers of Joy, an Advent resource designed to help you create some silence and stillness in your life to reflect prayerfully and prepare for Christmas. Each week offers a guided meditative moment to help you centre yourself, followed by a Bible passage, a reflection and a time to pray. Allow yourself to be calmed by the Good News and the melodic, soothing lilt of an Irish accent.

  1. CAFOD – Pray Advent Calendar

Follow CAFOD’s 2017 online Advent calendar to reflect, pray and take global justice action throughout this holy season. Sign up to their e-newsletter for weekly reflections for reminders about the calendar.

  1.  Biola University Centre for Christianity, Culture and the Arts – The Advent Project.

Interested in how art and culture intersect with Christianity? The Advent Project is for you! Biola University’s advent calendar is a daily devotional series celebrating the Advent season through art and Scripture. Their goal is to help individuals quiet their hearts and enter into a daily routine of worship and reflection during this meaningful but often hectic season.

  1. Advent Word 2017

Take part in an innovative and global Advent adventure this year by signing up to #AdventWord 2017. You’ll be sent a daily meditation via email, which you can respond to by uploading images and prayers to social media with the hashtag #AdventWord and, in doing so, contribute to a Global Advent Calendar through your smartphone. A great, interconnected way of anticipating the coming of Christ with people all over the world.

  1.  Rachel Mann’s Kind Advent Challenge

Rachel Mann is focusing on kindness this Advent – with every tweet she will be offering something positive and hopeful, using the hashtag #KindAdvent. She knows this won’t stop injustice (or a narcissistic president) but through building people up and focusing on the positives she hopes to “change the tenor of a conversation and help us look in a different direction.” Why not pair it with this Kindness Advent Calendar from St Bride’s, Liverpool, too? 

  1. The Methodist Church’s 'Comfort My People' Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar from the Methodist Church is choc full of food for thought and comforting snippets from great Methodists throughout history. A quick and encouraging calendar to set your day off to a good start! Open door number 1 today…

Let us know which resource (or resources!) you decide to use by tweeting us @SCM_Britain, commenting on our Instagram @studentchristianmovement or getting in touch on facebook. You can use the hashtag #StudentChristmasMovement! 


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