A Faith That Accommodates The Mess

I am so thankful for SCM, because it has made me the Christian I am today.  I feel certain that without SCM, the friends I made, the events I attended and the resources I used, my faith would be very different.

SCM helped me to integrate life and faith.  To live life with a Bible in one hand and my twitter feed in the other, rather than have one overcome the other.  Most significantly through my time at uni and in SCM my faith evolved and was enriched and nurtured by my experiences, by the other, by the secular which has made it rounded and resilient.  It has helped me embrace unknowing and face ambiguity.  I know I have a faith which can accommodate all the murkiness and messiness of life.  And I know that is good news for others.

Let us pray,

Almighty God, wellspring of all life,

you dwell at the thresholds, in the marshes, in the gloaming and the dusk, in you is our hope and confidence, and the promise of our future 

O wisdom, standing on the crossroads, May the students of today grow in faith and hope, so that when they remember what it was like to believe we can change the world, give them the grace to listen to the wisdom of the students in that age.

Meet the students of tomorrow in their wrestling and their grappling, that they might know your blessing.

Extravagant God, we give you thanks, for all your goodness, and for all the special memories we hold of SCM.  Inspire us to generous giving to support the work of SCM, and bless us with all the resources we need to respond to your liberating love.

May students and churches know another 130 years of prophetic witness, transforming love and radical inclusion.

Written by Revd Paul Parker for SCM's 130th Anniversary Service

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