The Meaning of Life, God and Everything Else

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Modern Church are offering free places for students to attend their annual conference exploring theology and divinity - here's why you should go.

In July, our friends at Modern Church will be hosting their annual conference, 'God: None, One, Three or Many?'. Thanks to the generosity of MC members, they're offering free places for students to attend the full event - covering costs of food and accommodation for three days - in exchange for a small amount of volunteering time.

Why you should go

How we approach and think of God is vital to how we live out our faith and engage with the world. As Christians striving to be people of salt and light - people witnessing to the love of God in our everyday lives - we need to keep our ears to the ground, listening to the world around us and learning how we understand and speak of God in the public sphere. It's important now more than ever to break down assumptions and hard doctrines, opening ourselves up to hear God's fresh revelation today.

The Modern Church conference this year is a fantastic opportunity to do just that. It will draw on insights from theology, philosophy, the sciences and arts to better define what we mean when we think and speak of God. Revd Dr Lorraine Cavanagh, acting General Secretary of Modern Church, sums it up well:

‘How we engage, or fail to engage, with a loving God matters more than ever. It matters to society and the wider world, because the abuse of good religion and the consequent violence generated through such abuse could now determine the course of history.

A safe liberal theological forum which is also a worshipping community draws us more  closely together in our humanity and in our shared belonging to God – however this is worked out. We look forward eagerly to the next generation of Modern Church, from whom we expect to continue learning and making sense of the Christian faith in the 21st century.’

Find Out More

For more information about the conference, please click here. It's taking place from 10 - 12 July at High Leigh Conference Centre. If you are interested in attending (and snapping up those FREE tickets!), please email the Modern Church Administrator Diane Kutar.

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