Our partners Project Bonhoeffer reject the Illegal Migration Bill

Project Bonhoeffer, which seeks to honour the memory of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who took a courageous stand against injustice in the 1930's, is joining many other organisations in expressing its deep concern over the Bill currently going through the House of Lords. The Project supports all the recent comments made by the Archbishop of Canterbury in his speech on 10th May 2023. (available here)

Spokesperson Ben Bano commented:

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was fearless in speaking out against injustice and the scapegoating of refugees. He constantly reminded us of our Christian responsibility to care for the 'other' with compassion and tolerance.

Many of those arriving in small boats have experienced trauma and the loss of their loved ones and livelihoods. The current fighting in Sudan alongside numerous other conflicts means that victims will only grow in number.

Let us follow the example of Bonhoeffer and treat so called 'illegal' migrants with humanity instead of threatening detention and deportation to those who are already traumatised'

We call for the acknowledgement of the right to claim asylum under the UN Convention, and for the immediate implementation of safe routes so that those affected can claim asylum without risking their lives in small boats. Dietrich Bonhoeffer would have wanted nothing less.

For further details please contact: Ben Bano contact@projectbonhoeffer.org.uk The challenges to policy and practice that arise when people cross borders to seek sanctuary were explored at a recent conference organised by Project Bonhoeffer. Video recordings of some of the presentations and discussions can be accessed at the Project Bonhoeffer website


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