Rach's Diary - Easter time

The season of Easter is a strange time in the SCM office. Students are stressed, Church Leaders shattered and Chaplains are making the most of a well earned break and none of them want to talk to us. I too have had some time off to spend with my family and helping out at my local holiday club.  

Back at work it's been a time of planning. Our new strategy was discussed at the AGM in March and I was ready to update my work plan to make sure that the plans for the North West are in line with where the students of SCM are leading us. There has also been a major change to my work as from the 1st May I take on being the Events lead. This means I've started to plan the 2018-2019 events so keep an eye out for what is happening in the coming months. I've also started an Event Management Course which is really interesting and so far I've learned that Human Relations and Planning are both the most important thing about events.  

My new work plan is split into my targets, which shows what things things need to be done and when, including growing communities, supporting our Link Chaplaincies and Churches and encouraging leaders, as well as leading Faith in Action Workshops, networking and fundraising.  If there is something I can do to support you in the North West do get in touch.  

This week I'm in Birmingham which means trying to fit as many meetings in as possible with six scheduled over the three days. We've been discussing the Manchester Student Work Meet Up next week and looking forward to see what the summer and the next academic year has in store. It's also been Hilary's first week back and Simon's last week in post. So more change in SCM HQ. 

I also got to spend my first #WorryFreeWednesday in Birmingham where the staff celebrated the start of sunshine by eating our lunch outside and joined by a Paul a previous General Council Member.  

For those of you who like to pray for my work here are the latest prayer points. 

  • The Staff team in times of change. 
  • Ongoing plans for the movement  
  • All the members of our communities in this stressful time of year.