Rach's Diary - Home Sweet Office Home

So week two of being the Regional Development Worker for the North West has started in Manchester. Here is my office that I share with the Student Worker at St Peter's House. I know it doesn't look like much yet and I'm still missing some essentials but it's good to have somewhere to put my SCM coaster and my decaf coffee.

I've spent the last 3 days getting to know the chaplaincy and the city a bit better. It's one of those weeks where I'm doing lots of things to prepare; reading student research, helping to plan sessions for the local SCM group and working out details for visits in the coming weeks. A little preparation goes a long way! I've also started working through a list of people I need to get in touch with and as part of that I've hopefully worked out how to correctly address an email to a Bishop - you learn something new every day.


If you'd like to get in touch with Rach about setting up a group in the North West region, or about how she can support your church or chaplaincy, you can email her here