Rach's Diary - Over the Pennines

Train update for October, 33 trains, 5 trams, and still just 2 buses.

This last week; I've had coffee with an URC minister to talk about becoming a Link Church (and I'm now booked in to preach at his church in June 2017), I've met an SCM friend and found a new cafe, it was really interesting to hear what she had to say about SCM, Manchester and the North West, I've been to Birmingham for the team meeting, had my monthly-ish review and gathered the things I need for the Gathering in Glasgow this weekend!

At SCM Manchester we discussed keeping faith on campus by talking about the importance to being part of a community, and tried out Lectio Divina.

Wednesday took me out of the North West again, escaping over the Pennines to accompany Lizzie on a visit to Sheffield. It was really good to spend time with Lizzie. One thing we did learn was that the Sheffield Trams don't give you much time to get off, as Lizzie got stuck waving frantically for me to wait at that stop as she went on to the next, ready to walk back to where I was, before going to meet SCM Sheffield in at St Marks Church, we still got there before the students and nearly ended up joining a choir. It was a great evening discussing power and what sort of society or club they wanted to be. There was also stories of people who had inspired the students and pizza - free meal number 15. All too soon our time in Sheffield had to draw to an end, and I got my first ever Uber to get us swifty back to the station to get my two trains home.

Today I've been counting my trains and worked out how to use the printer at St Peters House. This evening I'm off with SCM Manchester to see Brian McLaren