Rach's Diary - Quiet January

It was over 16 months ago when it was first mentioned I could keep a diary blog to let you all know what it is like being a regional worker for SCM. Most blogs have been packed full of interesting people and exciting train journeys and now some I use to reflect on what I've seen, heard, thought or preached about. Then, there are times when my blog feels a bit more boring...

January has had me sitting at my desk in Manchester for 8 working days out of 10, with one day where I got to sit at Ikea, and the other at the General Council meeting in Birmingham. 

This has given me a chance to plan the Manchester Student Work Meet-up (8th Feb), look into a 'Greater Manchester Loves the Earth' Members Meet-up (28th Feb), plan my upcoming visit to Warrington (29th Jan), get booked in at Chester (in March) and plan a day of prayer for the Universal Day of Prayer for Students - you can download the resources too! 

I've been helping out with the preparation for Mailing week, by writing letters and making sure the North West Newsletter Grassroots is full of interesting articles from the past few months. This week is a trip to Birmingham to help out with stuffing envelopes and making sure you all get your exciting new copies of Movement Magazine. 

Saturday was the General Council meeting, where SCM Trustees, portfolio holders and Staff come together. It's always a good chance to reflect on what has been and what is next for SCM. You too could join this wonderful group of SCM members who lead the movement. 

So here I am, ready for what is next. Bring on a busy February!

January transport update: 27 trains and 4 trams (mainly due to a train strike).

For those of you who like to support the North West Hub you can, of course, donate financially, but also please pray for:

  • Students across the region taking exams and reaching deadlines.
  • The upcoming events.
  • That I might know the best next stage for the North West work.