Rach's diary - Week 1

Rach Collins

Hi I'm Rach and I'm the newest member of the SCM staff team. I'm going to be updating the blog with some of my adventures as the new Regional Development Worker for the North West.

I'll usually be based in Manchester but day one and two have been spent in the SCM Office in Birmingham. It's been lovely to get to meet the team - I'm really excited about having colleagues! I've been given a new mug and lots of policies to read, and have been learning about how everything works. As it was my first day we all went out for lunch but I also followed my family tradition and went to Pizza Hut for tea - just like after the first day of school. I've (hopefully) mastered my calendar, read all 36 emails that were waiting for me and packed some boxes with lots of exciting resources ready to return to Manchester and get involved with what is going on there.

I'm really excited about what is instore for SCM in the North West, and think I know a bit more now than I did two days ago, but still have loads to learn and share on this blog in the coming weeks. We have worked out where the North West is - so if you are in Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cumbria or Chester then I'm looking forward to meeting you (and others) over the coming weeks!


If you'd like to get in touch with Rach about setting up a group in the North West region, or about how she can support your church or chaplaincy, you can email her here.