Rach's Reflections - Everybody's changing

Submitted by Rach Collins on Monday, March 5, 2018 - 10:58

18 months in and on the move, Rach reflects on the constant that is change in SCM.

In my 18 months with SCM nothing has stayed static. On my first day, I was told everything we thought we knew about my office in Manchester was up on the air. Eighteen months later I've had a number of different desks and shared offices with none, one or seven people, and now I have moved out of Manchester completely. 

As of the 28th February I am now based at the University of Salford's Faith Centre, Salford being a distinct city just the other side of the river to Manchester. The three-mile journey to transport a couple of boxes and a computer with Shou-Hui, the Mandarin Chaplain at St Peter's House, was exactly halfway through my three-year contract, and I arrived at Salford to set up yet another desk

You may remember in the summer I was trying to drop my hoarding ways, and I now have just one folder which has most of everything that I need in it, ignoring my box of resources (and box of snacks of course!).  

The staff team has also changed quite drastically, with changes to job descriptions meaning that no one is doing the exact job they were doing this time last year. With one member of staff on Maternity Leave, three new staff joining the team and three others leaving for new jobs all in the last year, there is lots going on behind the scenes at SCM. And if our plans come to fruition, we'll be welcoming more staff to our fantastic team over the next six months.

The movement that is SCM is ready for change - that is the joy of being a movement ready to respond to each new generation of students. However, it will never stop being a student-led organisation passionate about deepening faith and putting that faith into action.  

Having said that every day is different, some things do come back around. My memories of the Scotland event in Autumn 2016 have come in useful as we put the finishing touches to our National Gathering Movement 2018: Gifts of Grace happening at Wellington Church in Glasgow later this week.

So here I am, now the snow has calmed down and I've managed to get back into my new office, and I'm all set up for what comes next. Bring on the next 18 months! 


PS. February finished with 61 trains, 4 buses and 4 trams, and then today I got train 1000!