SCM Launches the Christian Student Guide, a New Online Platform of Blogs, Recipes and Practical Tips for Living Life to the Full at Uni.

Today marks the launch of The Christian Student Guide, a new website created by SCM that will engage current and future students with a relevant and inclusive Christian voice at university.

The website contains blogs, articles and prayers that encourage students to think through issues of faith and day-to-day life, applying them to a range of situations at university. From dealing with relationships and financial pressures, to maintaining spiritual and mental wellbeing, our team of student writers will address some of the biggest concerns facing young people at university. The site is also full of practical tips for living your best life at uni, and delicious recipes for student friendly food.

Simon Densham, SCM’s National Coordinator (maternity cover), said:

“One of the most important challenges for students today is articulating their faith in an open, honest and inclusive way. Far too often, Christianity on campus is associated only with intolerance or Bible-bashing. We want to change this. The Christian Student Guide will give students the space to explore the issues that matter to them, engage in dialogue with other students, and find meaningful ways to put their faith into action during the formative years of university.”

Visit ​ to explore the site.