SCM: Our Response to COVID-19

During these difficult weeks we have three priorities we want to share - Safety, Comfort and Creativity.

Safety: First and foremost, we want to look after each other. The SCM staff are all working from home in physical isolation, although they continue to be fully engaged in working for the movement, and all of our meetings and gatherings will either be postponed or offered digitally. This does mean the office in Birmingham is closed, so please use email or social media to keep in touch. We love hearing from you!

Comfort: Staying connected and continuing to create community through all the means we can is one way we can offer and receive the comfort of knowing we are loved even when we are isolated. Our Facebook group is one of the easiest ways for students to feel some SCM love; it is a lovely, affirming place, so come and join us if you are a member! If you are a student or a recent graduate you can sign up to become a member here. SCM SOC, our Student Online Community programme, is also going to have lots of comforting and engaging things to get involved in. See below for more info on that.

Creativity: As we adjust to this new way of living there has already been a fabulous bubbling up of ideas about how we can be SCM together yet at a distance. Faith in Action is as real today as it was last month, it is just a little more computer-based! You can find out what we are doing in our SCM SOC here. If you want to get involved in creating something new and exciting, get in touch! We welcome your ideas now and always.

Revd Naomi Nixon, CEO and Tom Packer-Stucki, Convenor of General Council