SCM Publishes Liturgy for International Women's Day 2017

SCM has published a new liturgy celebrating International Women’s Day (8 March), which is available to view and use on the SCM blog. The service outline focuses on the theme for International Women’s Day 2017, which is ‘Be Bold For Change’, and calls on people of faith to renew efforts to tackle gender inequality and discrimination.

Hilary Topp, SCM’s National Coordinator, said: “Women and girls continue to suffer deep discrimination, inequality and violence around the world. Churches and communities of faith can play a vital role in standing against this, demonstrating that God’s love extends to all people. We urge students and churches to be a prophetic voice for change in their communities, leading the way for a more equal and just world.”

International Women’s Day is a global event, celebrated since 1911, to mark the achievements of women around the world and renew action for gender equality. In Britain today, women continue to earn less than men on average, due to differences in responsibilities of care and unequal opportunities for qualifications and training, among other reasons. According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 169 years for the world to close the gender pay gap completely.

SCM’s service outline includes an opening and closing prayer, suggested Bible reading, affirmation of faith and short reflection. It can be used in a student or church service, and we encourage groups to continue reflecting on the themes of IWD 2017 using these online resources.

“I am excited to be on the leadership team of SCM Edinburgh this year, and volunteer as the Editor of Movement magazine,” said Gemma King, student at the University of Edinburgh and member of SCM’s General Council. “I have seen students’ faith truly grow and develop through the leadership of female students and church leaders here in Edinburgh, and it is exciting to see the movement bringing together more students to work towards a vibrant and open Christianity on campuses across Britain.”