SCM in Scotland

Hello! I’m Caitlin and I’m your new Regional Development Worker for Scotland. I’m going to be spending my time supporting students, chaplaincies, and churches here in Scotland by helping to grow the Movement and encouraging the good work already happening across the country. I’m based in Glasgow but will be travelling all over meeting folks, mentoring students, and running events and workshops.

My first month working for SCM has been wonderful and to celebrate I have added to my ever-expanding collection of Christmas tree ornaments – something that my partner despairs of, and the cat seems quite fond of. I’ve even bought some baubles in the SCM colours to remind me of this time. Keep any eye out for photos of my tree on twitter!

So far I’ve spent my time meeting some of you, getting to know about your experiences of SCM, and your plans for the future of SCM in your university, chaplaincy or church. I hope to hear more about what you would like to see from us, and in particular from SCM in Scotland. If you have any suggestions or comments for what we can do together please do get in touch and we can get a coffee – I’ve toured practically every café in Glasgow at this point and am looking forward to sampling the cafes of Edinburgh, St Andrews and beyond!

What else have I been doing? Well, getting to grips with the myriad of administrative tasks that go on behind the scenes, asking my very patient colleagues a million questions every day, and looking into the history of SCM in Scotland. Scotland has a very rich heritage when it comes to radical faith and SCM has often been involved in pivotal moments of Scottish Christianity such as the beginnings of the modern ecumenical movement that took place at the 1910 World Missionary Conference. I’ve only just scratched the surface of this and would love to hear from former Scottish SCMers with any recollections they have about SCM during their time at university.

I’m so looking forward to meeting more students who already belong to SCM, or those who are interested in coming along for the first time – please contact me by email if you’d like to meet up. Alternatively, keep up to date on my facebook page where you can see what I’ve been up to, or check here for upcoming events.

If you want to donate to the Scotland Hub to help fund the work that Caitlin is doing, you can do so here: