Still Small Voice 11: Daily prayer resources for revolutionaries and peacemakers

Submitted by SCM on Monday, January 17, 2011 - 16:40
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Welcome to the 'Still Small Voice' blog series, a round up of blogs sharing approaches to prayer, suggesting ideas and thinking about how prayer and contemplation relates to action.

"Radical prayer is one path to begin finding our way out of Empire"
[SCM Canada Revolutionary Devotional]

Have you spotted the two brilliant little daily prayer booklets produced by our sister movement SCM Canada?

The first is a 'Revolutionary Devotional' and the second a 'Peace and Nonviolence Devotional'. Both give plenty of ideas for individual and group prayer. You can download them in PDF at the bottom of this blog post, or directly from the SCM Canada website here, where you'll find lots more exciting and inspiring resources.

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