Top Tips For Freshers: part 1

Starting university is nerve-wracking for most people, to one degree or another. For this reason, we've asked SCM members to write down their most helpful tips to prepare students-to-be for the new acaemic year and try to relieve some of that tension! Here is the first installment of advice, written by Jenny Hodge from SCM Manchester.

1. Don’t force yourself to be best friends with your flatmates. Try and be nice to them but remember that you’ll have loads of other opportunities to meet like-minded people.

2. Sign up to at least 1 out-of-your-comfort-zone society at Fresher’s Fair. You never know what new hobby you’ll end up loving if you give it a chance.

3. Learn how to make soup. It’s cheap, easy to make in bulk, and will definitely help you through the cold winter months! Plus, your friends will love you if you give them homemade soup too!

4. Make a long list of different places to work (community libraries, museum cafes, coffee shops, chaplaincies) – you’ll work better if you get a change of scenery every now and again.

5. Treat yourself to some flowers (or cactus or spider plant) every now and again. A bit of life in an otherwise dingy flat really makes a difference.

​Written by Jenny Hodge, an SCM Member.

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