What Known By Name Meant For Me: Emily's Testimony.

This was orginially shared by Emily Sanderson in the Sunday morning worship at Known By Name. 

When deciding what church and group I wanted to be part of at University, I wanted a group that was LGBTQ+ inclusive, as although I’m not a member of that community, the people closest to me are. SCM was that group that had the same values that I have always had, and instead of being silent in their acceptance; are proud of it and campaign for inclusion in the wider church.  As a result, I’ve found that I’ve been more open with my faith at University and having more conversations with non-Christians about faith because the community that I’m part of reflect how I’ve always felt.

This weekend has been a great opportunity for me to hear different viewpoints on familiar bible stories, Naomi and Kate both gave a great insight into queer theology and womanist theology, and I’m excited to read my bible again. Especially as it’s inspired a series of sermons I am working on. I’ve also encountered different types of worship and prayer from other Christian traditions that I hadn’t experienced before. As I come from a more evangelical background I realized when we were reciting The Lord’s Prayer I didn’t know the second half of it! I enjoyed trying some things that were different such as Taize or the structure of morning communion. Known by Name has been brilliantly refreshing and I’m happy to say I’m now a member!

If SCM sounds like a community you'd like to be a part of, you can get involved locally or nationally - we'd love to welcome you to the movement!