What Known By Name Meant For Me: Jack's Testimony.

This was orginially shared by Jack Woodruff in the Sunday morning worship at Known By Name. 

Despite the lack of sleep and early mornings known by name has been such a spiritually energising expereince so far. 

Right now we are all part of a community, a group of individuals that will most likely not all be in the same place again. This community is truly unique. this is probably the only time that we will all be together. 

This community has had its intense moments, but we need those intense moments where we acknowledge the real pain and suffering of both our own human experience and the world around us. 

This community has had its creative moments, the crafty corner has provided a chilled out space for us all.

This community has had adventurous moments, whether thats through our exploring of the book of Ruth or when some of us were quickly literally walking through mud on our 5k prayer walk.

This community has had its fun moments, namely a wonderful quiz with a slightly perculiar tie breaker question that ended in a draw.

This community has had its prayerful moments both during our discussions, talks and woship that have been led by our community.

But above all, this community is sacred and holy and each of us has brought, and will continue to bring, our own unique stories of love, sadness and hope. It truly is a blessing to be part of this community and witness the God in all of us.


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