Why Join General Council?

My experience of SCM has really been enriched since I joined General Council. It’s given me such a great insight into how SCM is run, on subjects such as finance, fundraising, strategy, and comms. It’s also deepened my faith; enacting SCM’s values at an organisational level has been an amazing opportunity to see the Holy Spirit move and the love of God in action. On GC I’m constantly learning - from the other GC members, the staff team, and most importantly from God. It’s an incredible way to give back to the movement, and I would 100% recommend it.

- Liddy Buswell

During my final year at Uni as the Secretary of SCM Leeds (now Inclusive Christian Movement Leeds), I realised I wanted to do something even more meaningful with, and for, SCM. I wanted to be part of that wider vision and have an impact on it too - I wanted inclusive Christian spaces to be available for all students across the country, not just where I was. So, I decided to join General Council as trustee - with a portfolio for Members and Groups. Thus far it has been nothing but joy - I have found the experience to be fascinating, exciting, challenging, but so rewarding. I have developed unique skills and experiences, those otherwise unavailable to myself, whilst working alongside an array of perceptive, thoughtful, kind, diligent and motivated individuals - both trustees and staff alike - who contribute to making this experience and responsibility a unique joy - something I would implore anyone with an interest in SCM to genuinely consider. 

Join GC, you won't regret it.

- Josh House

Being a trustee is a great opportunity to get involved with running the Movement. There’s an interesting mix of helping out with the day-to-day activities of the organisation, as well as setting the long-term strategy. There is a vibrant and engaged team of students and staff who care passionately about the future of Christianity in this country. In addition to this, being a trustee has given me loads of opportunities for personal development that I just wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Specifically, things like running job interviews and helping to balance budgets, that will help me in my future career.

- Russell Frost

The existence of my role as BAME/GEM Rep on GC is at the heart of SCM’s work of discipleship: declaring the Good News to the poor and the marginalised. Learning how this role relates to the wider mission of SCM has been a deeply formational experience for my own faith and the skills used to carry out good works in the world. If you feel called to any of the roles on GC, I strongly encourage you to put yourself forward for elections. I can testify to the hand of God moving both myself and others towards helping guide the work of SCM.

-Ciarán Nevers

As an SCM trustee you experience the full breadth of SCM’s work, from making sure the charity keeps going to helping direct the vision of the movement and decide our various projects. Being a trustee has helped me to develop my professional skills through looking at the charity’s budget and being involved in staff recruitment, and has also engaged my creative and reflective side through our work on SCM’s wider goals. Holding a portfolio in something that interests you also offers many opportunities: mine has enabled me to meet Christian students across Europe.

- Patrick Ramsey

Being on GC was one of the best decisions I made at uni (it ranks significantly higher than choosing to write an essay on Spanish syntax)! Not only have I gained some great new skills which have helped me professionally, I’ve also made a fantastic bunch of friends. If you want to help shape the movement from the inside out, come join us! If that’s not enough to persuade you, there is an abundance of cake at all our meetings ;-) 

- Lou Dover

Applications for General Council are now open! Find out more about what being on General Council entails and how to apply here. Applications close at 5pm on the 4th April.