The Vulnerability of Lent

By SCM on 2 Feb 2016

Following Jesus into the desert means breaking down walls that we’ve built to appear strong or comfortable. Debbie White reflects on what Lent is all about for her – and why it’s her favourite liturgical season in the Christian calendar.

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My SCM Experience has Lasted over 50 Years

By SCM on 25 Jan 2016

SCM Friend and former member Chris Lawson shares his experience of the movement in the 1950s, and what it has meant for his life and faith ever since.

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Reflection on Birmingham Methsoc’s Food Exchange

By Ruth on 6 Jan 2016

Andrew Topping reflects on the efforts of Birmingham Methsoc to start up a Food Exchange, transforming food waste into meals for homeless people.

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Bombing, Terrorism and Solidarity

By Ruth on 16 Dec 2015

Ruth reflects on terrorism and the bombing of Syria, and explains how our solidarity with Muslims can make a difference.


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Stories of Faith: Why Church Matters

By SCM on 8 Dec 2015

David Harris, SCM member at the University of Durham, considers how important a supportive church community has been during his time at university.

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My Favourite Book of the Bible: Exodus

By SCM on 8 Dec 2015

Stephen Atkinson writes on his favourite book of the Bible and what it might mean for our world today.

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Why are we campaigning for refugees?

By Ruth on 24 Nov 2015

Our members have spoken and they want to focus our campaigning on supporting and welcoming refugees. Faith in Action Project Worker, Ruth, shares her thoughts on why this campaign matters.

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Finding God in your job

By SCM on 23 Nov 2015

Natasha Bunney, a final year student at De Montford University, looks ahead to graduation and life after uni, and considers how her faith might connect with her job.

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Stories of Faith: Called by Name

By SCM on 18 Nov 2015

As part of our Stories of Faith blog series, and to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance on Friday 20 November, we hear from Alex Young, who shares his journey as a transgender Christian.

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Anglican by Upbringing, Baptist by Circumstance

By SCM on 16 Nov 2015

Do differences between denominations matter when it comes to church? SCM member Jane Hodgson recounts her experience of exploring different church contexts and seeing the value of church communities, no matter what their denomination.

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