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Prince - The Cross

Over the coming months, Alana will be writing a number of blogs to help readers connect with Everyday Theology. Walking down the street, working at your desk or shopping for food seldom prompts any form of deep theological thinking, nor necessarily should it. However, staying connected with your faith on a daily basis may inspire you to think more thoughtfully, more theologically, about your everyday actions. 

Remember, Remember the 5th November

The history and context of Guy Fawkes Night.

When Theological Thinking Ceases to be Theory

SCM are beginning a new long-term campaign to support refugees. In order to understand the importance of theological thinking when campaigning, we first need to understand the legality behind justice and injustice alike. Our first two blogs will help with this, so if you've not yet read them you can catch up here.

Hi, my name is Alana!

Alana's introductory blog 

Peacemakers: Standing in Silence

In the first of our peacemakers series, Alana reflects on the impact of the recent Arms Fair protests in London.