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Submissions Invited for the Movement Magazine Article Competition!

The Movement Magazine editorial team invites SCM members, university students and those studying in theological colleges to enter our article competition!   

Movement 163: What Is Vocation?

Our long read article comes from Gill Frigerio, researcher in career development at the University of Warwick. She gives us lots of helpful ways to think about career, calling, and the difficulties of fitting together our work and our faith. Here is a small section of her insightful article – for the full piece head to Movement issue 163!

Movement 163: Sustainable Recipes

Our latest campaign focus is food justice, and this term we’re looking at how we can make our food more sustainable. Here, SCM member Patrick reflects on why he decided to make a sustainable swap from dairy milk to oat milk. Head to Issue 163 of Movement for his dairy free muffin recipe!

Movement 163: Interview - Ellen Loudon

Our interview for this issue was with Ellen Loudon, author of 12 Rules for Christian Activism: A Toolkit for Massive Change and Director of Social Justice for Liverpool Diocese. Here’s what she had to say about vocation, our theme for this issue – for the full interview, head to Movement Issue 163!

Movement 162: Revolutionary Gardening

Josh Grear reflects on the revolutionary act of growing food in a world where our food systems have become bound up with oppressive global power structures. For the full article, head to Movement issue 162.

Movement 162: Blackness, Queerness, and the Missio Dei

Augustine Ihm reflects on the intersection of his identities as a Black, Queer, Christian. To read the full article, see Movement issue 162.

Movement 162 Interview: Adriaan Van Klinken

Adriaan Van Klinken was interviewed by SCM member Josh House for the upcoming issue of Movement. In this excerpt Adriaan reflects on his conservative upbringing, and coming to terms with his identity as a gay christian. For the full interview, see Movement issue 162.

Created and Formed

SCM member Sebastian discusses identity in relation to gender and creation. 

Interview with Ruth Hunt

Ruth Hunt is the Chief Executive of Stonewall, a charity working for LGBT equality. She studied English at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, and was elected President of Oxford Students’ Union. Before working at Stonewall, Ruth worked at the Equality Challenge Unit where she led work advising Higher Education Institutions on sexual orientation and gender identity equality. In 2015, Ruth was voted the third most influential LGBT person in Britain in the Independent’s Rainbow List. She received two honorary degrees in 2015, one from Cardiff University and the other from Keele University.

Green Living; Part of the Biblical Narrative, Part of the Christian Life. An Interview with Ruth Valerio, Part Two

Ruth Valerio is the Global Advocacy and Influencing Director at Tearfund, a charity working to eradicate extreme poverty in the world. Before working at Tearfund, Ruth worked as Churches and Theology Director for A Rocha UK, a Christian charity which works to protect and restore the natural world. She studied at King’s College London and lives in Chichester with her husband and two daughters.