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Pure exhaustion: the Queer Christian Experience

SCM member Honey Harrop shares their experience as a Queer Christian.

These Are Our Bodies Too: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Explained

What’s at stake in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case and what could the consequences be for women’s rights in America? 

Ministry Experience Scheme

Ian Grant-Funck shares his experience of the Church of England's Ministry Experience Scheme

Who Would Jesus Bomb? When Durham JAM Met CCND

In January, the Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament delivered a workshop Durham Joint Anglican and Methodist (JAM) society. The topics covered in this session have become even more relevant over the last couple of months and in this blog Matt Clough, the Durham JAM President, reflects on what happened during the workshop. 

The UK-Rwanda Asylum Partnership Arrangement Explained

On April 14 2022 the United Kingdom and Rwanda signed a deal called the Asylum Partnership Arrangement. Since then, the government has faced heavy criticism from human rights and migrant advocacy organisations. In this blog, Josh outlines what this agreement is and why it has attracted strong condemnation.  


Dealing with Overwhelm

SCMers in the West Midlands share some of the ways they deal with overwhelm. 

Stand for election to General Council

Are you passionate about the work of SCM? Do you want an opportunity to develop your skills? Stand for election to General Council!


Three Perspectives on COP26: Liz Marsh

Our second perspective on COP26 comes from Liz Marsh. First published in Movement magazine issue 165. 

Three Perspectives on COP26: Laura Young

From issue 165 of Movement Magazine. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26, was held in Glasgow last November. Here, three people who were there share their reflections on the conference and it’s outcomes.