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Rediscovering Jesus on the Cross: Lent 2024

William rounds off our Lent 2024 series reflecting on the ways in which we've rediscovered Jesus, and offers another way to meet Jesus again, inspired by Marcus Borg. 

Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: Lent 2024

“Believing in Jesus does not mean believing doctrines about him. Rather, it means to give one’s heart, oneself at its deepest level, to the post-Easter Jesus who is the living Lord, the side of God turned toward us, the face of God, the Lord who is also the Spirit. Believing in Jesus in the sense of giving one’s heart to Jesus is the movement from second-hand religion to first-hand religion, from having heard about Jesus with the hearing of the ear to being in relationship with the Spirit of Christ.

A Theological Review of Loki Season 2

Warning: Spoilers Included

Bonhoeffer and Human Rights

When we consider the place of Christian faith and human rights, one person of particular relevance is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. For those of you who don’t know who Bonhoeffer was, he was a pastor and theologian who was part of the Confessing Church in Nazi Germany and who eventually became involved in a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. You may be asking how Bonhoeffer justified his willingness to partake in such an act of violence, especially if you have read any of his earlier pacifist writings.

The Challenge of Imago Dei in Human Rights

            In the last blog we discussed the connection between the theological concept of Imago Dei and human rights theory with reference to the work of I Sil Yoon. We considered the ways in which the Imago Dei can be used to promote Christian action to further human rights and its connection to Catholic Social Teaching, the Nguni concept of Ubuntu and its relationship to the Bible. However, in this blog we will consider the ways in which the use of Imago Dei in promoting human rights can be a challenge and some of the problems it produces. 

Imago Dei and Human Rights

“So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them”. Genesis 1:27

Theology for the End of the World by Marika Rose: Book Review

Dr Marika Rose is a senior lecturer of philosophy, religion, and the liberal arts at the University of Winchester. This blog is a review of Marika’s newest book, Theology for the End of the World. The book is an invitation to honesty, honesty about who we are, what has influenced us, the institutions we participate in, and how we use God in our lives. If we choose to accept this invitation, we will find no escape from the need for analysing our own complicity in harmful and oppressive systems and actions.

SCM Podcast Season 2

Well it’s been a while, but season 2 of the SCM podcast launches today. Over the next 5 months episodes will be releasing every Wednesday. Join William Gibson, our Faith in Action project worker for theology and resources, as he explores the life, theology and legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. 

Palestine Resource Pack

To help equip our members to be well informed on the current situation in Palestine and Israel our Faith in Action project workers William and Phoebe have produced a resource pack. This includes recommended books, podcasts, videos and more. It also includes resources on tackling hate crime, antisemitism and islamophobia. We wanted to provide members with a variety of ways in which they could reflect upon and pray about all that is going on, and so we have included recommended artists, poetry, music and prayer resources for them to be able to do this.

Mourning Rosebank

William reflects on the recent news that drilling has been approved at Rosebank, the UK’s biggest untapped oil field. We must mourn, and we must act.