End Hunger Campaign

From 2016 to 2018, SCM is partnering with Church Action on Poverty and others on a campaign called End Hunger UK

The Campaign

The number of people living in poverty in the UK has been steadily increasing in the last decade. There are now two million people who are malnourished and 500,000 depending on foodbanks to survive. End Hunger UK is a campaign headed up by Church Action on Poverty, but it also involves formidable partners- from FareShare to Oxfam and the Trussell Trust. The campaign will ask what the government needs to do to make the situation better and will then put pressure on the government to do something. 

Phase One of the Campaign (2016-17)

In phase one of the End Hunger UK Campaign, SCM students and supporters got involved in the ‘plates’ action. The idea was to write what you think the government should do to end hunger and food poverty in the UK on a paper plate and then tweet a picture of yourself with the plate. This was a simple and popular action with students around the country.

As well as the simple plates action, there was the opportunity to join in with a ‘Big Conversation’ about food poverty and hunger in the UK. These took place all over the country and involved people from churches and student groups, as well as volunteers from food banks and the people who are forced to use the food banks. SCM organised or were directly involved with a few- namely at Leeds All Hallows Church and St Bride’s, Liverpool.

Phase Two of the Campaign (2017-18)

The second phase of the campaign will involve more direct lobbying of MPs and parliament, beginning with a conference for activists in October.

The three areas which the campaign partners have decided to focus their lobbying on this year are:

1.        A commitment to measuring the scale of the problem 

2.        A commitment to tackling child malnutrition via the UK’s Healthy Start programme and food provision for 365 days of the year 

3.        A commitment to reviewing the benefits system to ensure that it does not cause undue harm or destitution to those affected 

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Why End Hunger?
Why is the End Hunger UK campaign happening? Why is it so important?
Resources and Events
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