A Light for All

A Light For All

This Autumn we go to Lancaster to explore the Bible!

Join us for a keynote speech from Revd Dr Anderson Jeremiah "The Bible as a Catalyst for new life: an immigrant's perspective"

Workshops from Christian Aid: exploring how campaigning is a key part of what the Bible teaches us and Chaplain Rev Kevin Huggett on how the Bible was put together.

Bible study in creative ways, worship together and a discussion about what you would take out of the Bible. 

As well as lunch, cake and all the fun of spending time with others from the SCM community.

For more details check out the programme.

So bring yourself, your tricky questions and a Bible if you can and get booking!

If Lancaster is too far to come for just a day please do let us know and we can try to help you arrange some overnight accommodation. 

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Also, SCM Friends are welcome from 10am till 2pm for the keynote, special workshop, worship and lunch. Book your place at the Friends' Gathering by clicking the button below:

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