FiA Workshops

SCM offers a whole series of free Faith in Action workshops to engage and inspire our local groups on topics including prayer, theology and social justice. If you are interested in any of the workshops, please click on the links below to book a slot.

There are also downloadable workshops to run with your group here.

SCM also offer training workshops. Please see here for the full list of workshops. 

Ending Hunger in the UK
In this workshop, you will explore the SCM End Hunger UK Campaign: why it matters, what the Bible says about it all, and what you can do!
Loving the Earth
In this workshop, you will learn together about the catastrophic effect humans have had on the earth in the 'anthropocene age', as well as the positive movements to save, protect and love it in recent times and what you can do to walk gently on this beautiful planet and encourage others to do the same.
Christians and Politics 1: Standing up for Our Beliefs
This workshop will explore the call to integrity in our lives as Christians- looking at stories from Jesus' life as well Christians throughout history who took a risk to stand up for their beliefs, including Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King.
Christians and Politics 2: Disagreeing Well
In this workshop, we will explore how to engage with people nonviolently, in order to build community and create space for an exchange of ideas, reconciliation, transformation and friendship.
Christians and Politics 3: Community Organising and Cooperation
In this workshop, your group will learn more about how community organising and cooperatives work, why they are so important, and how you can get involved in both.
Reading the Bible 1: The Gospels- differences and similarities
In this workshop, you will explore the differences and similarities between the four gospels. What is special about each one and what can we learn from each one?
Reading the Bible 2: Ruth and Jonah- who is my neighbour?
In this workshop, your group will explore the Old Testament books of Ruth and Jonah. How do they speak to us today, especially in relation to the mass displacement of people due to poverty and war leading to an increase in fear of the other.
Faith Reflection & Liberation Theology
In this workshop, you will learn about Liberation Theology, which is a movement for justice in the Church in South America. You will also learn about the See-Judge-Act model of Faith (Theological) Reflection pioneered by Cardinal Joseph Cardijn and used extensively in the Liberation Theology movement.
Life in All its Fullness? Christians and International Development
In this workshop, with input from international development agency All We Can, we learn about Christian responses to global poverty and reflect on how we can make a difference in a broken world.
Creative Prayer, Bible Study and Worship
In this workshop, you will explore creative methods of prayer, Bible study and worship to use with your group and your church.