The Little Book of Prayer

"Prayer is faith and hope in action that releases Godly and angelic responses"

- Stephen, Manchester SCM

"I pray because it helps me order my thoughts and the issues that most concern me. It provides a structure and a vision for my worship space"

- Annie, SCM member, Leeds

Thoughts on Prayer

Book Suggestions
Praying when Prayer is Difficult


A Christmas Eve Compline
A Prayer for Unbelief
A Prayerless Prayer
An Affirmation for Urban Living
An Old Gaelic Blessing
Gathering Prayers
A Prayer for Individuality
The Prayer of Oscar Romero

Ways to Pray

How to Run a Quaker Meeting
How to Set up a Prayer Room
Body Prayer
Extemporary Prayer
Lectio Divina
Prayers from the Bible
Praying Together
Praying in Silence
Praying with Beads
The Liturgy of the Hours


Meditation: The Prayer of the Heart (Jesus Prayer)
The Daily Examen


"An old friend of mine used to say 'Don't bother praying for your sick gran if you can't be bothered visiting her in hospital!' and his statement always leaves me with the question: unless prayer leads us to activity, is it more about making us feel better than about building the reign of God?"

- Chris, Bradford Soulspace

"For me, prayer is a reflex of the heart, a simple look heavenward, a cry of gratitude and of love as much in the depths as in happiness.

This is my translation of a quotation from St Teresa de Jesus (Avila), who is one of my all-time heroines."

- Sarah, XYMonday Edinburgh

"Prayer is God trying to tell you something."

- Alex, SCM member, Southampton

"Prayer changes. The kind of thing that once worked for you, and seems to still work for those around you, may not work. Perhaps this is good: perhaps you are growing. Can we try a variation on Meister Eckhart's oft quoted 'I pray to God to rid me of God'; can we pray to God to unsettle our form of praying? I once 'knew' how to pray, I'm realising this is not the case."

- James, Warwick Christian Focus