Loving the Earth Campaign

For 2017-18, SCM have launched a new campaign on climate change called ‘Loving the Earth’.

The Campaign

The catastrophic effects of man-made climate change on the earth are well-known and have been well-known for a while. Many groups and individuals have tried all sorts of different things to lessen the human impact on the environment, but it has been more difficult to make changes at a governmental level. However, the recent Paris agreement (2015), signed by all but two countries (Syria and Nicaragua, for very different reasons) was an incredibly important step on the road to making a real difference on a worldwide scale. Of course, the US under President Donald Trump have now decided to pull out of the agreement, to the dismay of the international community.

What's Happening?

SCM believe that this crucial issue deserves our attention at this moment in time. We are also excited that there are so many brilliant initiatives out there tackling climate change that students can get involved in. We encourage students to take part in Green Christian's 'Joy in Enough' campaign for a more sustainable economy, and in the Climate Coalition’s ‘Show the Love’ campaign in February. We are also running ‘SCM Green Challenges’ throughout the year, to get students thinking about the impact of our Western lifestyles.

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Why are We Campaigning on Climate Change?
Why is this campaign so important? What does our faith say?
Resources and Events
Find out more about how to support the Loving the Earth campaign, download resources and find out more details about campaign events.