Loving the Earth: Resources and Events

Events and Important Dates

Summer 2017: Launch of the new campaign; Start of 'Big Shift' campaigning

October 2017: Beginning of the 'SCM Green Challenges'

November/December 2017: Launch of 'Joy in Enough', Green Christian's campaign for a sustainable economy.

December 2017: Green Gifts for a Green Christmas campaign! Also, here is a great video by the Climate Coalition and Liam Gallagher for climate campaigning at Christmas.

February 2018: 'Show the Love' campaign with the Climate Coalition


The Climate Coalition website and the Christian Aid website have plenty of resources for their climate campaigns. Here is a 'noticing change' worksheet from the Climate Coalition.

Show the Love: Here are some resources specifically for the Show the Love campaign.

Operation Noah have resources for divesting your church from fossil fuels. Read more about Operation Noah's 'Bright Now' campaign here

The website 'Meat Free Mondays' has recipes and even an app to use on your phone!

For more on Christian Eco-theology, read Noel Moules' article for the SCM website here.

Watch this video showing the Earth's climate change history since the year 1900.

The environmentalist, writer and journalist George Monbiot's blog page is an excellent place to gather information on climate change.