Interview with SCM Southampton

We chat with Louise Dover from SCM Southampton, one of our newest affiliated groups about plans for the new term and what has inspired them to start an SCM group at their university.

1. Hello SCM Southampton and welcome to the movement! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and what your plans are for 2017/18?

Hi! Thanks for the welcome, we’re really excited about getting involved. We’re both languages students and we’ve just finished our first year. Our plans for the next academic year will be getting this group up and running and seeing what we can do with it. We’re also planning our third years abroad!

2. Is there anything that you’re most looking forward to in the coming year?

Really looking forward to the opportunity to reach out to and connect with loads of other students that we wouldn’t otherwise get to know.

3. Are there any values within SCM that particularly resonate with you? Why?

We really love the inclusivity of SCM – the idea that everyone is welcome regardless of their status or background. It’s so important to make sure everyone is included and represented and SCM seems to embody this perfectly.

4. As we look ahead to the autumn term, what one piece of advice would you give to freshers coming to uni this year, when it comes to faith?

When you’re looking for a church community (definitely do this!), look around a bit. Don’t just stick to the tradition you know, you might feel more comfortable with a different style of worship. By all means stick to what you’re familiar with, but both of us felt really at home somewhere really different from our backgrounds.

5. At SCM, we’re passionate about connecting students with welcoming local churches, and getting people engaged in serving, leading and growing as disciples within the church. Can you tell us about an event or time at a local church in the last year that really inspired you in faith?

Just recently I went to a service for a trans friend who reaffirmed his baptism vows with his new name. It was a really lovely service and gave me hope that there are churches that are inclusive and celebrate diversity.

6. Finally, if you had to sum up the group in a sentence, what would it be?

We’re super keen to reach out to everyone who feels a bit lost or excluded, and people wanting to explore their faith in a welcoming and fun environment!