Group Resources

If you are involved in an SCM group at university, you’ll find all the best resources available to view and download right here. Easy as that - start using these resources immediately in your group and help plan your programme for the coming term.

The Basics

The How-to guides for SCM Groups

Whether you’re new to leading a group or a seasoned veteran, get all the tips and tricks from our how-to guides.

Affiliate Your Group

By affiliating with SCM, your group will be joining a community of students across Britain and the world. Go to SCM Connect to get started!

Activities for your group

The Little Book of Icebreakers

Stuck on ideas for icebreakers? We’ve all been there – which is why we’ve collected all the best icebreakers for any group to use. You can read through and pick out the best ones for your group, or download a full PDF version.


Click above for some workshop outlines to run with your group- on discipleship and vocation, an intro to the Bible and faith reflection.

You can also get SCM to come and run a workshop here

Catering Recipes

View and download a selection of easy-to-use recipes and serve up something delicious at your next meeting!

Prayer Activities

Browse and download this list of ideas for prayer activities to use with SCM groups. 

Films on Christian Life and Faith

Why not put on a film for your SCM group? This list is a general list of Christian-related films.

Films on Social Justice

This list is a list of films on social justice themes.

Films about Refugees

This list is a list of films related to the theme of refugees.


Term Card Template

This resource will give you an example of how to convey all the most important information about your group’s programme for the term.

Church Funding Letter Template

Get your group’s name out there and make sure you have the funding required to carry on engaging students with our church funding letter. It’s just a template so make sure you adapt it!


For helpful information and contact details about speakers in your area, click here.